Our services range from a wide variety of operations based on our skillsets. We have extensive training and are experts at the services we cover.



With the evolution of a terrorism and crime we must constantly anticipate paradigm shifts in tactics used against businesses, citizens, government, and our infrastructure. To understand your risk, you must understand the threat capability. If you don’t know what your adversary can do to you then you don’t know how to adequately defend yourself. Technology can bridge some vulnerability gaps but it is not a foolproof panacea for mitigating threats, nor is it as cost effective as a biological capability. In an era where asymmetrical tactics are used by the most nefarious people, we proffer capabilities, tools, that can counter many of the deadliest attacks as well as deter potential incidents.

Our K9 teams are the best that you will find in the industry. With advanced training for our Security Officers and K9s that far exceeds our competitors you will be assured a level of security that can lower insurance premiums, mitigate risk to your company, employees, clients, and public. Our Teams are trained by U.S. and Indonesian experts leveraging the most advanced tactics, training, and procedures that are certifiably effective.

We are “out-of-the-box” thinkers that can cogitate like the adversary. With that said our K9 program is designed to address historical threats as well as anticipated threats. Our K9s and Handlers are selected for their temperament traits and courage. They are a Team, security multipliers, that through the integration of their senses, intellect, and physical ability will provide a unit that can:

  • Deter Targeting of Venue
  • Detect Surveillance
  • Detect Explosives
  • Detect Abnormal Behavior
  • Detect Environmental Changes and Social Atmospherics that Indicate Threat Potential
  • Target Interdiction – Mounted and Dismounted (Vehicle-On Foot)
  • Engage Active Shooter(s)
  • Surgically Engage Principle Target in Crowded Venues and Uneven Structures and Terrain
  • Crowd Controls
  • Escort and Security Services
  • Enhance Security and Public Confidence
  • Enhance Threat Mitigation Without Firearms or Where Firearms Pose Too Much Risk