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Our company prides itself on enlisting only well trained, professional special operations personnel with significant experience dealing with a variety of security threats. All of our personnel are trained to address a wide range of security threats existing in both private and corporate sectors and are continuously undergoing training and field exercises to ensure readiness to deal with constant and developing threats. Over sighting of "Strategic Outcomes" is under the command of USA SOF Ret. Dr. Dale Comstock.

We're a Private Security Services and Solutions Corporation that provides Risk Management, Critical Asset Protection, Maritime Security, Executive Protection, High Threat Protection, Training, and Special Projects Solutions in accordance with all the laws and regulations, and the best business management practices of the security industry.

As global markets and international commerce have grown, so has the demand for professional and highly effective physical security solutions and assets. Annually, hundreds of hostages and billions in assets have been taken, lost or have simply vanished on black markets. Many lives have been lost and hundreds of millions of dollars are needlessly spent on kidnap and ransoms. Today, irregular threats such as terrorist, criminal and rebel groups continue to emerge with advanced weapons, technology and training. SOA has been established to address such threats and provide piece of mind to our clients whose lives and property are at such risk.

SOA is a member-managed company. Our senior management team consists of more than a few decades of combined specialized combat, intelligence, finance, logistics, counter terrorist and international business experience. We are personally involved to insure absolute risk management and utmost professionalism.