Our Clients

Our Clients

While we do maintain ultimate confidentiality, we are proud to have provided our security services to some of the most important people in the world.




As a leader in Private Security Services, Strategic Outcomes Asia has developed a portfolio of clients that are strictly high profile.

As global markets and international commerce have grown, so has the demand for professional and highly effective physical security solutions and assets. Annually, hundreds of hostages and billions in assets have been taken, lost or have simply vanished on black markets. Many lives have been lost and hundreds of millions of dollars are needlessly spent on kidnap and ransoms. Today, irregular threats such as terrorist, criminal and rebel groups continue to emerge with advanced weapons, technology and training. SOA has been established to address such threats and provide piece of mind to our clients whose lives and property are at such risk.

Our clientel generally qualify as "high profile" and are individuals, agencies and organizations that need top level security services. We understand when our clients are at "special risk" and we are here to accomodate them for any type of threat.

Since our business is security and many of our operations and clients require complete discretion we are reserving the right to disclose the details regarding our clients; however, our clientele encompass every major sector of industry and business. We are honored to be considered and serve as our clients security advisors and providers.