Our services range from a wide variety of operations based on our skillsets. We have extensive training and are experts at the services we cover.


Design, Fabrication

SOA motto states "Good enough is just not good enough." We have a team of expert problem solvers that are capable of quickly crossing over job description boundaries to find solutions. Our team of hands-on experts includes and is not limited to all types of computer-aided designers (CAD); metal, wood and composite fabricators; construction project managers; licensed explosives operators that are simply the best in the business and will exceed your highest expectations.

Our company actively seeks to add value and promote excellence in every aspect of our security operations. We are committed to give you the best product, with the best compatibility and best user experience at a competitive price. Our team of experts will keep you informed from the start of the design process to the mechanical and explosives testing at our secluded ATF-approved California location and to the final product and installation of your security system - all delivered on time and provide support through the lifetime of your product.

SOA's systems and services gives us a unique insight, authority and ability to provide the world's best innovative products and best customer experience. We are in constant motion to embrace the industry's leading business practices and cutting edge technologies, from start to finish all in-house, so that our customers benefit directly. All this unique expertise under one roof ensures unparalleled ability to deliver what you demand and deserve.