Our services range from a wide variety of operations based on our skillsets. We have extensive training and are experts at the services we cover.


Executive Protection

SOA has extensive international experience in personal protection for dignitaries, high net-worth clients, and celebrities. Our security personnel have worked at every level of personal protection from safeguarding the president of the United States to internationally recognized high net-worth celebrities and businessman/women. We are experienced and the master trainer level at teaching EP/PS from the ground up.

All of our security experts are highly trained in Hand Combat, use of less-lethal tools, firearms, counter-surveillance, etiquette and formal dress, offensive and defensive driving. Our unarmed details are comprised of personnel that are a minimum of 6' (182.88cm) tall, 210lbs (95.5kg), and less than 15% BMI. We recognize that size matters as much as skill sets when our experts are unarmed. Our personnel will present a professional yet imposing and confident demeanor that supports their mission to 1.dissuade any potential attacker, hecklers, and molesters 2.have the strength, capability, skill set, and intelligence to neutralize an adversary and safely cover and evacuate their principal.

Our armed security experts have credentials to open carry and conceal carry firearms in support of a protection operation. Our methodology for integrating a lethal capability is proprietary but can be discussed during contract negotiation. All of our armed security experts are trained in house and are only cleared to be fielded after they demonstrate an expert level of proficiency with their service weapons.

We have and can conduct training that includes all facets of EP/PS:

  • Advance Work
  • Command, Control & Communications C3 Operations Center
  • Tactical Maneuver-Armed, Unarmed, & Integrated Response
  • Motorcaded Operations
  • High Speed, Technical Driving, & Reactionary Skills
  • Combat Marksmanship, Defensive Tactics & Crowd Control
  • International Travel - Air, Land, & Sea
  • Communications, Counter Surveillance - Technical Sweeps
  • Counter Assault Operations & Recapture & Recovery Procedures
  • K9 Integration
  • Women Based Protection Teams