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Our services range from a wide variety of operations based on our skillsets. We have extensive training and are experts at the services we cover.


Logistics Sector

Our company specializes in resolving clients' logistical problems involving complex coordination of people, equipment, supplies and facilities. We provide logistical support to Personnel, VIP relocation, Oil rigs, Containers, Trucks/Vehicles, Cargo, Container, Dry/Refrigerated Supplies and Fuel/Chemicals.

By implementing our knowledge and experience we are assessing the risk and providing solution to our client's logistical challenge via multi-source intelligence reporting, highly trained military and security operatives who will mitigate the current risk by utilizing proven threat assessment models to insure a safe and secure project completion in the variety of environments.

To address our clients need for security when it comes to personnel and equipment relocation SOA takes a multi-pronged approach that includes, but is not limited to; situational awareness training of personnel, advanced relocation site assessments/site recommendations, relocation site monitoring, hardening of clients relocated assets and security escorts of clients personnel.

Our energy and logistical experts apply their extensive experience and knowledge of ground operations for the particular area to develop a plan of action through utilizing intelligence sources and key personnel in order to insure that valuable assets are delivered safely to high-risk areas. This complex approach allows SOA to mitigate loss of client's assets due to man made or brought about by nature threats/risks.