Our services range from a wide variety of operations based on our skillsets. We have extensive training and are experts at the services we cover.



With extensive experience in securing nuclear power plants, petro-chemical plants, and government installations we can address any and all safeguards and security concerns to ensure that the facility can withstand any attack by the “design basis threat” for that target. We are extremely familiar with regulatory requirements for nuclear and petro-chemical plants as well as what it takes to harden a facility through a commensurate network of systems that compliment each other and provide for seamless protection.

We are adept at sizing up a facility in the same way an adversary would do for targeting. Our evaluation follows a proprietary methodology (S.A.T.A.R.) that ensures that each system or concern is thoroughly addressed and provides a clear picture of its status.

Unlike many companies that only have a rudimentary understanding of threat capabilities, we at SOALLC clearly understand threat modalities whether criminal, tortious, or terrorist. Our experience is based on past performance that assess the integration of electronic, procedural, technical, physical, and communication security to ensure that all threat pathways are denied through deterrence, detection, delay, and response

Our staff has exhaustively represented clients through U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission audits that included proof of concepts, methodologies, force on force drills, and hearings. Whether your facility is focused on energy, production, or government administration, we understand that you’re not in the business of security; therefore, our job is to secure your assets at the lowest cost providing the most effective security for your needs