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Our services range from a wide variety of operations based on our skillsets. We have extensive training and are experts at the services we cover.


Maritime Sector IMO

SOA provide maritime sector security services to FPSO, Vessel, Oil Platform, Ports and Cargo Container ships, in the form of security assessments, on site security elements, counter piracy, tracking and monitoring, search and rescue, crew training, security consulting and security equipment install, accordingly.

By fielding only combat experienced special operations personnel, our forte is developing and providing a customized, integrated approach to maritime security services and maritime asset protection through implementing our unique approach to solving our client's needs via our training, our professionalism and our adherence to accountability.

We guarantee that all our working practices are in accordance with ICOC, IMO, BIMCO (GUARDCON), USCG, and SAMI standards. We are committed to conducting ourselves with transparency and integrity, and strict adherence to US and International law at all times.

SOA applies strict standard in selecting, recruiting, vetting and training our maritime security specialists. All are former, combat experienced US Navy SEALs or US Army Special Forces (SF/Green Berets). This rigorous selection process on our part assures that our clients receive the best possible security personnel and services available in order to give them piece of mind to go about their business without worry of any risk to their critical assets and personnel.