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Strategic Outcomes Asia is an elite security team headquartered in Houston, focused on serving the Asian market. Our company delivers "high profile" security services and our team consists of World Class professionals seasoned with Military, Security and Business backgrounds.


Michael J. Bruecks| VP OF OPERATIONS

Michael J. Bruecks
Nuclear, Petro-Chemical and Critical infrastructure Security

Mr. Bruecks has over twenty-five (25) years of professional security experience in the private energy sector. During his career, he had the opportunity to direct and lead some of the largest, private “critical infrastructure” security programs in the United States. Typically, the responsibilities included (but not limited to) the management of the physical protection, training, and fitness for duty programs. After the events of 9/11/01, attention to the nuclear security programs increased significantly from “key” industry stakeholders such as federal and state agencies, and the U.S. Congress. During this period, he was recognized for creating innovative and robust protective strategies, processes, and programs in response to the constantly evolving regulatory environment (as well as leading the response to some of the most unique threats and significant security events to our nation’s critical infrastructure e.g. physical attacks, cyber attack, and insider threat, etc.) and considered by the industry and government as one of the industry’s foremost subject matter experts in physical protection programs and have been requested to provide personal briefings to members of the U.S. White House Staff, U.S. Congress, USNRC, and various U.S. Intelligence Agencies.

Mr. Bruecks has held key leadership positions with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI is a Washington D.C.-based nuclear industry national policy and lobbying organization) and other critical industry organizations responsible for developing and overseeing nuclear security standards. These programs and processes are considered the “standard” for the international nuclear security community.

In 2013, Mr. Bruecks was retained by one of the world’s leading nuclear technology companies to design the physical security program for their new nuclear plant design, currently being marketed in the European and Asian markets. Our clients typically come from the most “sensitive” critical infrastructures and public facilities (deemed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as the most likely targets for a terrorist attack).

  • June 2006-2012 PSEG Nuclear Hancocks Bridge, NJ
  • Director, Nuclear Security
  • Salem-Hope Creek Nuclear Plants (second largest U.S. commercial nuclear facility)
  • May 2004- June 2006 Florida Power and Light (FPL-NextEra) Juno Beach, Fl.
  • Director, Nuclear Security
  • Nuclear Division Headquarters
  • Responsible for directing the corporate oversight programs for four (4) nuclear facilities.
  • September 2001- May 2004 Exelon Nuclear Middletown, PA
  • Three Mile Island
  • Manager, Nuclear Security
  • September 1999-2001 Delta, Pa
  • Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station
  • Manager, Nuclear Security "

"September 1990-April 1999 Exelon Corporate

  • Senior Investigator, Corporate Security
  • Responsible for leading many high-level, complex investigations involving both acts of criminal and corporate malfeasance.
  • Responsible for coordinating and leading joint investigations with local, state, and federal law enforcement officials.
  • Conduction a variety of vulnerability assessment for critical buildings and fossil generating stations
  • Designed and implemented security programs
  • Provided executive protection for company leadership
  • Responsible for managing undercover programs and investigations.
  • Responsible for managing department surveillance program."

"September 1987-September 1990 Peach Bottom, PA
Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station; Shift Security Coordinator
Responsible for supervising the daily operational oversight of the contract nuclear security work force to ensure that the program maintained compliance with all federal laws and station procedures."